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Sixth Form

Hope everyone had a good half term and enjoyed the sunny weather!

This weeks tasks:

Employability and Asdan Bronze, Silver and Gold Group

  • Continue using IDL learning website for English and Math (instructions on how to log on at the bottom of the page). 

If possible, all students to do everyday life skills:

  • Make your breakfast.
  • Brush your teeth, every morning and night.
  • Put your dirty clothes in the washing machine. Show us you know how to use a washing machine properly.
  • When you clothes are clean, use a dryer or peg them outside to dry. 
  • Show you can fold your clothes and put them away by yourself.

Towards Independence Group

  • Show you can safely use the home appliances and equipment in your home. Photo of each of the following appliances - Dishwasher, washing machine, oven, vacuum cleaner, kettle and microwave.
  • Show you can correctly store fresh food: Fruit, vegetables, bread and eggs. (Helping to put the shopping away in the right place).
  • Show you can correctly store frozen food: Meat, Vegetables, Ice cream (helping to put the shopping away in the right place).
  • Show you can correctly store cleaning materials: Washing up liquid, Dishwasher tablets, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, other.
  • Show what activities you have been doing to keep yourself busy with your family.

Looking forward to seeing your emails and photos of excellent work in action.

Sensory Group

  • Show and explore your garden. What flowers do you have? Do you like playing games with your family in the garden? Have you been growing plants?
  • Let's get painting! Using your hands, feet and your face (with help), get creative with your family and make a fun colour picture to show your appreciation to all the keyworkers. Photos of making it together and final product.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful photographs.

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