Mayfield School

Campus Whitehaven, Red Lonning, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 8UG

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Be Happy, Be Healthy

Mayfield School is committed to helping all of our children and young people find a creative area where they can have fun and express themselves.

Our school is a happy and purposeful environment where children and young people are actively praised and acknowledged for who they are and who they can do.

We encourage all children and young people to persue a healthy and active life styles. We believe in healthy eating including healthy snacks and lunches.

Movement, physical exercise and sport is an important element of life at Mayfield. We provide sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities. This can be in PE sessions, multi gym, hydrotherapy and rebound therapy. We regularly compete in sporting activities around the county. We provide something for everyone.

This year we are piloting a programme 'Mental Health and Wellbeing' in Keystage 3 and Planets 4. This includes students completing their own diaries connecting to feeling, emotions and friendships.

The Mayfield Mile

Sonia Dryden the School Games Organiser for Copeland officially opened the Mile Challenge course at Mayfield School helped by our Head boy and Head Girl.

All the students in school will be able to complete mile challenges for which they will receive certificates and at certain milestones rewards. The first certificate to aim for will be for the 5 mile challenge which some pupils are already close to achieving.

The Mile Challenge is a positive and fun way for the students to take part in achieving a healthy lifestyle and to keep fit.

The students use the course in their break times and also during PE lessons and it has proved to be an excellent motivating factor in creating positivity around fitness and healthy choices.