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Lakes 8


Welcome to Lakes 8!

We are a mixed class of Year 3 and Year 4 students with a very enthusiastic support team formed by Itxaso (teacher), Judith (STA), Skye (TA), Hazel (TA) and Elisha (student).

The new year has had a fantastic start at our new school, pupils have settle in even better than expected, they surprise us every day! We are enjoying the new facilities and making a good use of the new specialist rooms (sensory room, immersive room, soft play...)

Our week is full of nice activities distributed in the following subjects:





  • Reading. Every pupil has two 1:1 sessions a week with a key adult. This can be focused on symbol, letter or word recognition depending on the level. We work with library books or with personalised booklets made specially for the child.
  • Writing. Fine motor skills, mark making and handwriting practice. Intensive session once a week and daily practice included in every subject.
  • Communication. We have a wide range of communication styles in our class, which we use on a daily basis, but we have one session a week specially focused in developing our skills. We work with PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Proloquos or Talk tablets (symbol based communication app) and improving our verbal skills.
  • Literacy Topic. This term our book is Noah's Ark. We have been exploring the story and learning about the characters, animals and building boats. 


Shape, number, use and apply and measure. We split into smaller groups to give the pupils activities adapted to their level. Sessions every day of the week, which can include learning measure through cooking.

Science and Technology

  • Science. Linked to our Literacy topic, Noah's Ark. This term we are learning about the weather, animal habitats, water cycle and states of the matter.
  • ICT. Using computers, tablets, smart-boards and electronic devices (sensory input).

Art and Music

Our afternoon topic is Barnum, the musical, and we will be learning and exploring about the circus, 

Understanding of the world

  • RE. This term we are learning about the Creation, linking it to our Noah's Ark story. 
  • Geography. The world (mountains, deserts, oceans, lakes, rivers...). Linked with animal's habitats. 
  • History. Old and new circus (working with black and white pictures), different circus acts and characters, and learning about how animals should be treated.
  • We will link our Barnum topic to PE by experiencing balancing, juggling, trampoline jumping, etc.


  • Swimming. One session a week in our hydrotherapy pool.
  • PE sessions. In the hall, soft play room, outside, or visits to the park.