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Lakes 6


Lion King 

On the final day of spring term Mayfield school put on a musical extravaganza! Our performance was Lion King, every child in Lakes 6 got on the stage and were fantastic which is a huge achievement!   https://www.whitehavennews.co.uk/news/17580527.children-show-off-their-talent-at-musical-show/

Our topic for next half term is Superheros.

WOW moments

I sent a letter home explaining 'WOW moments' after February half term, there is an extra copy below to print whenever you wish.

We would love to hear from you when you see your child doing something that makes you proud by sending completed cards into school.

 As a class we will share these and learn about each other’s out of school experiences.

Thanks for your help, Ellie.

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Train Ride

To finish off our 'Journeys' half term theme we went on a train ride, we even got to see some of the same things like cows, sheep and a tractor that we had been reading about in the, 'Train Ride' story in Literacy. Below are some photos of our exciting trip as well as some of our topic work.

Naughty Bus

Within our Literacy learning about the Naughty Bus, the main character gets up to lots of silly things like driving through beans, the garden, trying to brush his teeth and falling in the sink. Some of the work we have done around this included writing wanted posters for him after he went missing, rules for him to follow, communicating what sensory element we wanted to experience from the story and an advert for our bus wash. The children loved washing the bus and it's safe to say that ours is now nice and clean! 

A big welcome to Lakes 6!

As you will have seen on Dojo, the children have settled so well into our brilliant new school. 

Staff in our class are: Ellie (Teacher 4 days per week), Anne (Teacher 1 day per week), Alison (STA), Laura (TA) and Deborah (TA).

This half term our topic is 'Journeys'. 

This half term within subjects we will be focusing on:

Literacy: This is split into Reading, Writing and Communication.
Focus texts will be 'The Naughty Bus' and 'The Train Ride'. Sounds in phonics will be g, o, c, k, ck, e.
Maths: This is split into Number, Shape and Using and Applying.
There will be a specific focus on exploring numbers, adding one more, addition, capacity, time and sorting.
Science and technology: How to move objects in different ways, creating a vehicle, and floating and sinking.
The Arts: Marble painting, Jackson Pollock, road maps, collage cars and alternative modes of transport including hot air balloons.
PE: Balancing, jumping and moving to music. As well as MOVE and soft play.