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Lakes 5

Welcome to Lakes 5, we are a wonderful class comprised of fabulous and unique children, taught by Rachel. Currently the class is supported by an amazing team; Vicky (STA), Becky (TA), Siobhan (TA) and Becky (TA).

In Year 1/2, the children cover a wealth of topics over the course of the year, which include:


Areas of study


Communication, Phonics, Reading. Topic based sessions: Our current topic is Superheroes. Our term books are Superworm and Supertato.


Number, Shape, Calculations and Functional Skills

Topic (consisting of Science and Technology, Understanding of the World and The Arts)

As our current topic is Superheroes, we are following this throughout all of our afternoon sessions. We will look at different superheroes, design our own superheroes and clothes and look at the different attributes that makes a superhero.


In Lakes 5, we aim to offer the children a curriculum which appeals to a variety of interests and individual learning styles. Over the course of the year, we deliver exciting lessons which are both stimulating and engaging. The photographs and accompanying captions show examples of the broad and balanced curriculum our class enjoy.

The use of class Dojo ensures regular updates and news as well as daily slideshows filled with fun pictures from our busy days in school.

Please look out for pictures of our lessons, trips and events in the near future. 

Showing off some of our amazing talents; us using the Rebound Room in the Campus, learning through  water play, some of our literacy and numeracy skills, and most importantly our communication skills, including the eye gaze. 

Above are some pictures of the book- The Naughty Bus. We loved exploring different parts of the story. Our carboard bus was a particular favourite. 

We are becoming quite the chefs in our class. We love our weekly food technology/communication lessons. Children work hard to create beautiful dishes and desserts, and they also use all of their fantastic communication methods to ask for ingredients, and follow commands.

Not that we are biased, but our cakes taste AMAZING! 

We could not forget, they are also brilliant at washing and cleaning up after each other. I think they must have lots of practice outside of school.